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Acacia Honey 250g Locanda Italia


Locanda Italia’s Acacia honey is 100% Italian and is our best selection from the blooms of the Acacia woods from which the bees draw. It is light yellow in color and liquid in consistency, it is delicate with a sweet and elegant floral scent, sensations which are revealed on tasting. Versatile in the kitchen, it adapts to many recipes and to accompany fresh or slightly seasoned cheeses. Ideal for sweetening.

Additional Information

Partner (Manufacturer)

Locanda Italia has selected Ape Gardin because for over 35 years it has been selecting, producing and processing the best honeys in Italy to create sweets of every variety. To our Ape Gardin honey produce is added that of beekeepers who operate in every region of Italy, and are all committed to adopting good beekeeping practices, thus always producing a product of high quality and excellence, in flavor and in its chemical components. Ape Gardin chooses beekeepers who work according to traditional methods and established good practices. They stand out for their attention to the care of bees and the quality of the honey produced.

Storage conditions and methods of use

Store in a cool, dry place, away from light.

Average nutritional declaration per 100 g

ENERGY VALUE – 1374 kj / 323 Kcal. FATS – 0 g. of which: SATURATED FATTY ACIDS – 0 g. CARBOHYDRATES – 80.4 g. of which: SUGARS – 80.1 g. PROTEIN – 0.4 g. SALT (naturally contained) – 10 g.


Italian Acacia Honey. Our honeys are produced leaving the nutritional and qualitative characteristics unaltered. Any changes in appearance (crystallization, separation, etc.) confirm the authenticity of the product.


250 g.


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