Who are we


Locanda Italia organization was born on the initiative of two people. Gianluca Siano: sommelier, he is the reference point for the choice of products and customer service. Alberto De Martini: a long career as a manager, deals with strategies and organization. Today, thanks also to the partnership with Ortofrutticola srl, Emiliano Anversa’s company, Locanda Italia can count on a team of over 80 people. Passion, competence and responsibility are the compasses of our day. Passion is a gift we cultivate. Competence is a heritage that we put at your disposal. Responsibility is a commitment that we will demonstrate to you every day.

The working method

Our work is essentially made up of research. We can count on a team of experts who scour the Italian territory in search of simple and wonderful flavors. With some rare excursions to some inimitable international specialties. In this way we met many, many good and passionate producers. We know them one by one, by name, face and surname. We trust them, because we have seen how they work. Nonetheless, we regularly taste and check their small, great masterpieces!


We select and package products with a single, very simple criterion: satisfying demanding customers like you, who have very clear ideas about what you want on your table. Prefer a product that respects and reflects the food and wine excellence of our country. You have to like it, in a way that doesn’t betray tradition, but that knows how to surprise you with its personality. It must be obtained by respecting the land from which it comes. It must be presented with beautiful packaging and a clear label. If it matches all of this, it can cost a little more, but don’t overdo it!

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