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Amber Beer Ambrata Locanda Italia


Amber Birra Ambrata Locanda Italia is red, smart, sensual and intriguing, with copper tones and a pleasant creamy foam. The body is full and structured. The rich blend of hops and special malts creates sensations of honey, dried and candied fruit, balanced by the pleasant final bitterness to the palate. It is most suited for first courses with delicious, red or meat sauces. Cold cuts or medium-aged cheeses, grilled meats, tagliatelle with meat sauce.

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Locanda Italia has selected Birra Amarcord because it tells the story of a large Italian family. The brewery was founded in 1997 in Rimini by, almost as in the famous song, some friends at the bar who wanted to change the world (of Italian beer). Amarcord beer comes from a territory and a territory, Romagna. It was born from a dream that began over 20 years ago and has now become real. Born from a constant and tireless passion. Amarcord Beer later became also “a family story”, since two generations of Bagli carry on this dream with dedication, thanks to great raw materials, but above all thanks to the people who work with them every day to create unique products.


Water, barley malt, candied sugar, hops, wheat malt.

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Store in a cool place and away from direct light.




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