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Ground Coffee


This is our ground coffee, ideal for preparation in moka. The 250g Locanda Italia coffee has a soft and structured taste, thanks to its balanced blend of Central American Arabica coffee and Asian and African Robusta coffee. Its excellent body, strong aroma and soft creaminess are its main characteristics which we have selected to allow you to indulge in small and tasty moments of pleasure.

Additional Information

Partner (Manufacturer)

Locanda Italia has selected Mokarabia for its line of ground and capsule coffee. The company has a history that began in Milan in 1951, and today spreads its aroma all over the world. It has started to produce coffee blends for the bar sector. The history of Mokarabia followed the evolution of the times and the progress of technology. It has traveled through new distribution channels to explore and develop new opportunities. However, it has always maintained that taste for the tradition of artisan coffee, which today continues to reveal the unmistakable aroma of Mokarabia.

Storage conditions and methods of use

It is advisable to keep the coffee away from sources of heat, light and humidity. After opening, store the coffee in the refrigerator or pour it into a non-transparent, hermetically sealed jar. It is ideal grinding in the Moka coffee maker.

Average nutritional declaration per 100 g

ENERGY VALUE – 1166 kj / 285 Kcal FATS – 9.4 g of which: SATURATED FATTY ACIDS – 3.9 g CARBOHYDRATES – 0.6 g of which: SUGARS – 0.1 g PROTEIN – 17.5 g SALT – 0.09 g


Roasted and ground coffee of Arabica and Robusta quality.


250 g


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