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Basil Sauce Locanda Italia


Tomato sauce with basil is the Mediterranean condiment par excellence, simple and tasty.
We prepare it using only Italian tomato pulp, extra virgin olive oil and Genoese PDO basil: the sweetest and most tender of all the basil varieties.
It goes beautifully with a good plate of spaghetti: a real ritual for Italian families.

Additional Information

Partner - Producer

Locanda Italia has selected Nord Salse which since 1988 has been one of the national leaders in the production of organic pesto and sauces. The optimization of its production facilities and the great attention shown to its product have allowed the Cuneo-based company to obtain the highest scores of the two key certifications in the food world: IFS and Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC).

Storage conditions and methods of use

Store in a cold and dry place. After opening, keep refrigerated and use within 5 days.

Average nutritional declaration per 100 g

ENERGY VALUE – 395 kj / 95 Kcal. FATS – 7.7 g. of which: SATURATED FATTY ACIDS – 1.2 g. CARBOHYDRATES – 4.4 g. of which: SUGARS – 4 g. PROTEIN – 1.4 g. SALT – 1.2 g.


Condiment for first courses based on Italian tomato pulp and Genovese PDO basil.


Italian tomato pulp (78%), extra virgin olive oil, DOP Genoese basil (4%), onion, tomato paste, salt, garlic, pepper. It may contain traces of nuts and milk. Gluten free.


180 g


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