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0923 Nero d’Avola Sicilia DOC


Known as the Calabrese grape since 1500, the name derives from the erroneous Italianization of the Sicilian “Calaravrisi”, which means “grape (cala) of Avola”. It is the best known and most appreciated red grape variety of Sicily in the world thanks to its elegance and structure. Nero d’Avola Sicilia DOC 0923 manifests an intense and lively red color with violet nuances. Its fragrance is enveloping and fruity with notes of cherry and vanilla. It is broad and velvety to the mouth, with a good structure and aromatic persistence with refined tannins. It is excellent with elaborate first courses, red meats, game and semi-aged cheeses.

Additional Information

Partner (Manufacturer)

Locanda Italia has selected the Angelo Rocca & Figli company because it is a renowned Italian wine company whose name has been linked to Italian wine since the end of the nineteenth century. The company collaborates with various national estates in all regions, offering a complete range of wines and appellations among the most popular. The many years of experience in the wine sector, the constant refinement in the methods of vinification and aging and the good quality / price ratio are the basis of its growth.

Storage conditions and methods of use

Store in a cold and dry place. It is recommended to be consumed at a temperature of between 16C and 18C. It is perfect as an accompaniment to elaborate first courses, red meats, game and semi-aged cheeses.


100% Nero d’Avola grapes.

Alcohol content



0.75 l


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