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El Dòmm – Panettoncino Milano Classico by Flamigni Locanda Italia


The Panettoncino Milano Classico Locanda Italia, in the mini tasting format, is prepared according to the ancient recipe elaborated by Milanese artisan master pastry chefs. As in all Panettoni signed by Flamigni, its soul is the mother yeast. The particular strain capable of giving the doughs a unique and inimitable aromas and softness has been refreshed and regenerated on a daily basis since the 1930s. Produced without any addition of other yeasts, each Panettone is therefore extraordinarily soft, full of irregular holes and highly digestible. It is made up of strong and at the same time very elastic grain flour, sugar and egg yolks from Italian farms on the ground. Then there is the high quality French centrifuge butter. It is precisely for this reason that Panettone Milano is at its best when tasted warm. In order to enrich the classic recipe, fragrant candied Navel oranges from Sibari, precious diamond cedars from Calabria, produced without the use of sulfur dioxide, and Turkish or Australian raisins of the highest quality are added to the mixture. The exclusive taste of Panettone Milano is completed by the natural aroma of vanilla, obtained from berries from the Mananara reserve in Madagascar (Slow Food® presidium).

Additional Information

Partner (Manufacturer)

Locanda Italia has selected the Flamigni company for their rigor in the processing methods and the choice of the best ingredients, in one word: Quality. Flamigni was born as a patisserie in 1930 in piazza Saffi in Forlì. Today the Flamigni production plants remain in the Forlì area, but extend over an area of over 12,000 square meters. All the Flamigni specialties are created here starting from Panettone in all its forms, up to the Torrone and the refined tea and rustic patisseries. Maintaining an attitude of work and craftsmanship combined with new technologies and searching for and new ingredients, Flamigni is a leader in the sector for the leavened products for anniversaries and the ancient art of nougat.

Storage conditions and methods of use

Store away from heat sources and away from direct sunlight. In order to better appreciate the delicate flavor and exquisite fragrance, it is recommended that you keep the dessert in a warm environment for some time before tasting it. Cut the Panettone with a notched knife by sliding the blade without pressing it.

Average nutritional declaration per 100 g

ENERGY VALUE – 1548 kj / 369 Kcal FATS – 14.5 g of which: SATURATED FATTY ACIDS – 8.5 g CARBOHYDRATES – 52 g of which: SUGARS – 23.5 g FIBERS – 1.2 g PROTEIN – 6 g SALT – 0.25 g


Panettone type Milan. Baked confectionery product.

Ingredients: wheat flour, sultanas, candied fruit peels (orange peels, cedar peels, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, concentrated lemon juice), butter, pasteurized egg yolk, sugar, natural mother yeast (wheat flour, water), mono- and diglyceride emulsifiers of fatty acids of vegetable origin and sunflower lecithin, sugar syrup, salt, malted wheat flour, natural flavors, vanilla extract from Madagascar berries. It may contain soy, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios. It does not contain genetically modified ingredients. Store away from heat sources and away from direct sunlight.


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